TYPE:             Contest

CLIENT:           Varna Municipality

SIZE:              18 000 SQ. M.

LOCATION:     Varna, Bulgaria

STATUS:         Idea

„There is enough light for those who want to see and enough darkness for those, who do not want to see.” Pascal

The concept of the Project provokes a space for conservation, organization and communication of information, which enriches the commonly accepted function of the classical library.  

The position and the approach to the site transforms a fluid space, which naturally directs itself vertically, as is the symbolic of knowledge embedded in the four dimensions of time and space.

The suggested range of the building is embraced by soft and fluid form, constructed with simple structure systems, combining energy saving methods in all aspects of structural design.

The pulsating with energy inner space ensures dynamics of the perception of every function and combines it with a higher level of communication, as is the simple encounter between individuals.

Synergy with knowledge and with people, enriched by that knowledge is the focus, which our design of space strives to express as a philosophical interpretation of the common collection of information.